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Katy Tara is a yoga teacher and theta healing practitioner who lives in the Manawatū, New Zealand. She has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching for 4.

For most of her life she suffered from anxiety and depression and yoga has helped her cope. When she trained in theta healing in February 2019 she was able to completely transform her entire life. She is now free from anxiety and depression and has a deep connection to source, much self-compassion and an unshakeable feeling of wholeness. She is passionate about sharing her discoveries with her clients and students.

Katy has a beautiful retreat space at Taikorea Green Haven in the rural Manawatū where she offers yoga, theta healing and retreats. Theta healing sessions are also available online via zoom.


A compassionate approach to yoga that focuses on your long term health and mobility while cultivating kind awareness and self-acceptance. Practical motion for your mind, body and spirit regardless of size, age, flexibility or experience. Yoga that grows with you.

[Classes held at Taikorea Green Haven]

Monday 7-8pm (general class)
Tuesday 6-7pm (general)
Wednesday 7-8pm (general)
Thursday 10-11am (gentle class)
Sunday 5-7pm (restorative) July dates: 19th July

$60 per month

  • 1 weekly class (you can reschedule if you miss it)
  • Guaranteed mat
  • Free weekly online class
  • Cheaper Sunday classes

$20 per class

  • Book or cancel up to one hour before class
  • Space may be limited

Sunday Restorative
$30 per class ($20 for members)

  • 5-7pm, 2 classes a month
  • Deep relaxation, energy healing and yoga nidra

Online Classes
$20 per month

  • One new class per week (rewatch as often as you like)
  • Free for members


Theta healing is a powerful energy healing modality which involves a meditation to get into a theta brainwave. Theta is a very clear state of mind where we can connect to the creative power of the universe. From theta, working with this power, we can create changes in our subconscious mind, remove limiting beliefs, resolve traumas, receive guidance and insights, and download feelings.

“Yesterday I was most fortunate to receive a theta healing via the Internet from the beautiful Katy Tara. This theta healing allowed me to let go of resentment I had been holding on to for such a long time. I found the entire process gentle and non invasive. I highly recommend theta healing as part of your journey in rediscovering yourself.”

- Testimonial

A theta healing session takes 60-90 minutes and involves a process of digging for beliefs, fears, and other limitations. Using her intuition and guidance from source, Katy finds your most limiting problems and removes them. The process is gentle and non-invasive. Katy’s clients often experience profound life changes after a single session.

Sessions are available in person ($100) and online via zoom or skype ($90).

A 15 minute discovery call is free.


facebook: @katytarayoga
email: katy.tara.yoga@gmail.com
text: 021 0253 3156

Taikorea Green Haven
771 Taikorea Road
Glen Oroua, Palmerston North, NZ

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